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Michelle Collins is a self-published Author and certified Coach. As a ministry leader, she has served for over 30+ years in various capacities. Possessing an undeniable gift to creatively flow between the sacred and the secular, she has built a respected position in the community, where she ultimately makes an impact in the marketplace. In 2019, she was nominated for "Faith-Based Speaker of the Year" by SpeakerCon.

She equips believers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of faith, to stay connected spiritually, by sharing spiritual insight with tools for practical application. Her coaching is focused on Emotional Mastery that supports her mission to #LetInnerHealingGoViral. And as a Stage Presence Trainer, she equips women to master the Microphone with authority and authenticity through her Stand & Deliver Coaching. Additionally, as a Book Coach and publisher, her clients rely on her for clarity, confidence, and her creativity to publish and establish their literary work and concept. She also serves as Professor for Kingdom Impact Bible College and Kingdom Leaders Institute.

Her highly acclaimed book "Spirit Check: Practical Solutions for Emotional Mastery" was nominated for the 2018 Indie Author Legacy Award, where she encourages the reader to assess how toxic emotions can derail spiritual success and personal growth. In her sophomore book "REBOOT: Operate on a Whole New Level" released in the summer of 2022, she uploads healthy practices for wellness to forestall breakdown mentally, emotionally and spiritually. “Be That Mom: Parenting from a Place of Wholeness” is her therapeutic journal that will enlighten and develop mothers and daughters to build strong, meaningful relationships with each other.

With a degree in Marketing, her corporate experience includes Event Producer, Speaker, Educator, and Consultant. She has a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling.

She is a graced mother of three amazing children, a wife of 24 years to Restee Collins, III and together the family lives and serves in ministry in the San Fernando Valley.

"Michelle Collins is one of the most dynamic speakers we have ever had at our events. We have had her speak at several of our events and she has delivered each time. She has the ability to create content and subject matter to fit your audience. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and she approaches each opportunity with exemplary professionalism."

- Rashunda Rene, Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub, Founder

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