parenting from a place of wholeness

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Includes "Be That Mom" Affirmation Card

Motherhood does not come with a manual, especially for the girl mom. In Be That Mom: Parenting from a place of Wholenss, Michelle Collins has designed a catalogue of information for mothers raising daughters, to gently guide you through 30 Ways in 30 Days of sound and proven parenting practices. 

This therapeutic journal-style format includes thoughtful writing prompts that will enlighten and develop mothers and daughters to build strong, meaningful relationships with each other.

This journal provides you with:

  • Questions that encourage you to examine the way you approch motherhood

  • Tools to nurture the connection with your daughter

  • Insight to cultivate meaningful conversations that heal

  • A great self-care gift for moms who complete this jounal for their daughter as a keepsake

Embrace your journey, enhance your relationship, and enjoy your bond as you Be That Mom.

here's to our daughters helping us become better humans, women, and mothers.        

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It became abundantly clear that as I empowered girls through my organization that The Persona Program, that mothers needed a community and a space to share as they navigate the relationship with thier daughters. And so MomSuite was birthed in 2014 as that platform. BE THAT MOM was the mantra and little did I know that the concepts that I began sharing on social media, would evolve into an eBook, then a workbook, and now a journal.  



In 2021, a decision was made to refresh the cover, update and revise the content to reflectct growth.

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Meet the Author

Michelle Collins uses her platform as a Coach, Speaker, Author, and Ministry Leader to provide spiritual insight that transforms the inner person + practical tools for outer manifestation. She's on a mission to #LetInnerHearlingGoViral through her books, courses, coaching, and other transformative written work.

A wife of 21 years, she and her husband have three beautiful children.