Spirit Check: Practical Solutions for Emotional Mastery


Through the lens of self examination, five bold, common emotions + character flaws [jealousy, intimidation, pride, fear and anger] are exposed that derail personal, spiritual success and growth.

Spirit Check, provides a persuasive commentary

with practical solutions for immediate implementation to transform the mind, soul and spirit. Commit to a more excellent way of mastering your emotions.

Operate on a Whole New Level

Sometimes life requires a REBOOT mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In this book, we take a look at your IOS (internal operating system) to identify glitches, malfunction, and any failure that's preventing you from functioning by design. Scenarios, models and relatable tech terms are used to help you function whole.


Be That Mom:
Parenting from a Place of Wholeness
Be That Mom Mock Up (1).png

Motherhood did not come with a manual, especially for the girl mom. A catalogue of information for mothers raising daughters, to gently guide you through 30 Ways in 30 Days of sound parenting practices is provided. This therapeutic journal-style format includes thoughtful writing prompts that will enlighten and develop mothers and daughters to build strong, meaningful relationships with each other. 


Cleans Inside: A Guided Spiritual Cleanse 

Based on the 5 Day Spiritual Cleanse experience, download your blueprint for spiritual success as you journey to wholeness. Challenge your core, residing issues preventing you from living whole with insights and prompts that are both reflective and interactive.


"Michelle Collins is an amazing life strategist with tons of community impact! She unselfishly sows into the women she works with. The depth of her service is transformative and knowing her has been a breath of fresh air, lemon scented of course!"


-LaKeashaFIT, Owner of 1987Juices