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You were born with an IOS (Internal Operating System) that was designed to execute at optimum. Once you experience any malfunction (perhaps a traumatic experience or even self-sabotaging behavior), a REBOOT is often necessary to establish something different.  What you need is a manual, a go-to guide, and a reference for instructions and insight.


In REBOOT, Michelle Collins has uploaded healthy practices, applications, and proven systems to improve your ability to effectively manage your wellness.  Using tech terms, situational models, and scenario-based examples, the goal of this book is to profoundly forestall breakdown mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

surrender your tendency to resist or your nature to delay, when life requires a         

Reboot book with spine mock up.png
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Establish a new beginning and honor your body, soul, and spirit's need to be well.



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"In this book, readers will learn the importance of being committed to ongoing development and growth of their inner and spiritual man.  Michelle Collins shares concepts that are easily understood and can be readily applied to the reader's life. Life can often leave you with bumps and bruises. The Reboot book teaches you how to successfully pivot, and be renewed in mind, body, and spirit."

Colleen Blake-Miller, Psychotherapist

"Michelle Collins did a great job of making it clear how we are not machines, but she doesn't just leave us with this realization. She provides a host of concrete, practical solutions for how to Reboot! This book provides an excellent framework for how to jumpstart the major life shift that we all need."

Dr. Glenna Anderson, DSW, LCSW.

"Every page ushers you into an abrupt or slow pause, followed by an emotional evaluation. While making the choice to be whole, the reader realizes that the steps to achieve that is to restructure, reinvent, and Reboot.  This is the only solution.

Dr. Michelle R. Hannah,

Life and Relationship Coach

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Meet the Author

Michelle Collins uses her platform as a Speaker, Author, and Coach to provide spiritual insight that transforms the inner person + practical tools for outer manifestation. She's on a mission to #LetInnerHearlingGoViral through her books, courses, coaching, and other transformative written work.

A wife of 20 years, she and her husband have three beautiful children.

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