5 Weekday Prayers for Business + Their Benefit

It’s impossible to develop spiritually and not see the benefits in your business as well. Entrepreneurs know that committing to certain practices in business will yield success but becoming spiritually fit should also be a priority for business. Incorporating prayer, meditation and scripture reading as daily habits, will cause you to grow spiritually and develop the character needed for good business acumen.

Most can attest that prayer is the Master Key. Nowadays many businesses incorporate prayer by having power lunches or higher power lunches. For example, Boeing has a Christian, Jewish and Muslin prayer group. And Microsoft has an online prayer service. How can you incorporate prayer into your daily business life?

5 Weekday Prayers for Business + Their Benefit:

1. Pray for Guidance: In business, you are always given an opportunity to ensure your next move, is your best move. However, if you’re honest, many times you find yourself in a position where you just don’t exactly know what your next move should be. Entrepreneurs can get stuck in a state of uncertainty for various reasons like fear of failure (success) and lack of knowledge. Prayer for guidance is a great asset in these seasons of hesitancy, doubt and indecision. As you move forward, because eventually you must make a move, believing that it will all work out for your best will be the product of time spent in prayer. No matter the outcome, you will have the correct attitude in knowing whether you win or lose, it was an experience to grow and learn.

Benefit: Praying for guidance allows the flood gates of inspiration to open up to you and places your spirit in the best position to receive direct access to God’s master plan

2. Pray as You Prepare – Have you ever had a big upcoming speaking engagement or possibly a meeting with influential, decision makers that you needed to prepare for? You realize that making a great lasting impression is a must. You desire to have an impact in the area you serve in. You want to be the one selected. A signed contract would seal the deal! Praying as you prepare has a way of calming your nerves while giving you the strength to face your appointment, your assignment, your calling with unexplainable energy. We all need a point of reference. And most of the time, we will get it twisted if we think it was our education, good looks or status that got us in the room. But those who understand that with all those benefits, prayer is the true upper hand to blow your mind and exceed your expectations, every time. Pray and work and then watch how prayer works.

Benefit: Praying as you prepare reminds you that no matter how big or small, your assignment is never about you. As you simultaneously prepare and pray, you surrender your ego so that the greater One that lives within you, can be exalted

3. Pray for Strength – We can become weary in well doing but if we don’t faint, we will receive a reward. And that’s just it; many times you will feel like giving up. It’s usually right before a major breakthrough. Mentally, physically and emotionally the weight of managing a successful business can take its toll. How do you cope? What coping skills do you have in place to not become resentful in the very area you once enjoyed? Thankfully, there’s strength given through the medium of prayer. Supernaturally, prayer can add the super to your natural abilities, innate gifts and identifiable calling. However, it’s all about surrendering to the process and not letting the problems overcome you. The best way to surrender? Pray.

Benefit: Praying for Strength will supernaturally allow you to maintain self control in areas you may feel helpless, hopeless or in adequate

4. Pray in Gratitude – As your business grows and expands, there are numerous needs that will arise including finding the ideal support team. When you realize that your needs may be greater than what you currently have or what you desire, you can be tempted to focus on what’s missing. Having an attitude of gratitude, keeps you humble and grounded. This kind of mental space opens up your heart and makes it ready to receive more of what you need as you count your blessings for what you already have. Basically, it’s remaining thankful, in spite of. And saying “thank you” makes room for more. What are you grateful for in business? If need be, make a list,