Your Emotions Affect Your Heart

February is National HEART MONTH where awareness centers around Heart Disease and all things related to the heart are addressed. There’s a plethora of information on social media right now on how to maintain a healthy heart from exercise to healthy eating habits. Follow hastags like #heartdiseaseawareness <<< And If you’ve followed my journey, then you know how important of a subject matter and the deeper meaning of having a healthy heart has come to mean to me. In honor of this important topic, we are going to my favorite place in order to bring another level of awareness, and that is straight to…the INSIDE! If I'm here to help you sync whole, well wholeness is an inside job. I am convinced we don't spend enough time on how we're doing instead of what we're doing. This conversation will include how not just the physical, but the emotional state of an individual can negatively affect the health of your heart as well. Learning to manage your emotions can reduce your risk of having a heart attack, even if your family history puts you at risk! That’s right, positive emotions can extend your life according to the American Journal of Cardiology. So here’s a comparative list. On the left are emotions that are good for your heart. And on the right are emotions, if not checked, managed or controlled, can have adverse effects on your heart. This list has been compiled as a quick way to identify what helps you maintain a healthy heart and to encourage you to not mute the emotions, but to find ways to manage it. There's something about a visual that drives the point, or in this case, the heart, home. We’ll get into some practical and helpful tips and tools like knowing your emotional triggers and seeking professional help. But for now, get acquainted with your heart and your emotions.

What emotion on the left have you been practicing? Is there an emotion on the right that you did not realize affects your heart's health? I want to know!

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