Anger in eMotion

In 1967 Smokey Robinson wrote a song “I Second That Emotion”. Here's a part of the lyrics:

“In that case I don’t want nobody

I do believe that would only break my heart

But If you feel like lovin’ me

If you got that notion,

I second that emotion”

As we continue to shed light on the connection between our heart and our emotions, we should become more mindful that we only "second that emotion" that does our heart good. There is one specific emotion that can cause specific damage to our heart, especially over time. That emotion is Anger. Don’t second that emotion, until you've learned how to manage it.

Anger as a common emotion is necessary, and similar to fear, anger prepares us to fight or flight. However, anger has been linked to heart disease and heart attacks. Researchers found that just two hours after becoming angry, an individual’s risk of a heart attack is increased by 4.75 times. That means you have positioned yourself to be almost five times more likely at risk to have a heart attack when you’re angry. And people that are prone to get angry, are more at risk of being diagnosed with heart disease than those that aren’t.

So it's in our best interest that we learn anger management. And as we learn how to manage, not mute it, we should also know that anger as an emotion, can have positive effects on us as well. Take a look at the image below to see for yourself how anger in eMotion can work to your advantage, while becoming aware that this beast of an emotion can also adversely affect our bodies.

In the meantime, practice anger management. For more insight, tips and strategy for purchase your copy of Spirit Check book, where this topic is explored more in depth.

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