Toxic Relationships & Your Health

We are social creatures navigating the connections we choose and those that choose to connect to us. Our environments, life events and everyone can affect the health of our heart. Choosing wisely the time we spend, engage or invest can literally save our lives. When studies show that a lack of healthy relationships is like smoking 15 cigarettes per day, it then becomes important that we make it a priority to ensure our connections are with those that are good for our overall health, especially our heart. Relationships go through various seasons of bliss to challenges and no one person is perfect. However, be mindful that constant, consistent stressful relationships will keep your adrenaline pumping because your body is in a prolonged state of fight or flight, which sends a signal to the brain and can cause organ damage, even to your heart. A study at Michigan State University noted that if you are in a toxic relationship, there’s a 34% increase in the risk of you experiencing heart problems. Following are the effects of toxic relationships that inadvertently affect your heart and what you can do to move towards ensuring your relationships are healthy *Hope to see you at C.A.M.P. Reboot on March 4th! Sign Up Here:

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