Practical Solutions for Emotional Mastery

"If you're ever going to master your emotions,

the first order of business is to get out of your feelings."

Your attitude, behavior and mindset define your spirit. Through the lens of self examination, five bold and common emotions + character flaws are exposed that derail personal, spiritual success and growth.


In Spirit Check, Michelle Collins provides a persuasive commentary on the five [jealousy, intimidation, fear, pride and anger], with practical solutions for immediate implementation to transform the mind, soul and spirit. Commit to a healthier more excellent way of mastering your emotions.

- From the Book, Spirit Check
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"Spirit Check book is a step by step guide for "checking yourself before your wreck yourself." It will cause you take a critical look at yourself and is packed with practical definitions and resources that will promote internal healing and cause you to grow in your mind, body and soul. Michelle was able to state the problems that many have and give wonderful solutions to the ongoing enemy in our lives, which is the struggle between flesh and spirit."

Dr. BJ Strother

M. Div., Ph. Div. Theology

"Spirit Check book is packed with life-changing information that promotes internal healing. It is a terrific practical resource for anyone that needs to check themselves on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Michelle was able to find a solution to the ongoing struggle between flesh and spirit, the natural and supernatural, and the internal and the external world." 

Kiaundra Jackson, 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Mental Health Clinician

" In my 48 years of ministry, I have reviewed a number of works on the struggles and fleshly pitfalls of humanity. I don't believe I have read a more concise exposé on the identification, and remedy for the challenges each of us deal with in subduing the human, fleshy "spirits" that hinder our onward progress toward spiritual maturity. I highly recommend a thorough reading, and then a methodic application of the principles so proficiently explained in the book, Spirit Check."

Bishop Wayne Pense

Heartland America Regional Overseer

Meet the Author

Michelle Collins is a dynamic Speaker and passionate Mentor with a quest for entrepreneurs of faith, believers and leaders to stay connected spiritually, while they are building their brands, ministries and lives.

She uses her platform to stir inspiration, motivate to action and ultimately transform her audience through sharing spiritual insights with practical application.


She resides in Southern California with her family.