Like you, I wear multiple hats but for many years was simply going through the motions almost as if I were a machine. I probably would've continued except for one thing.  In the midst of living out my divine assignment, I actually discovered my purpose when I experienced a heart attack in the Fall of 2016.

My doctor told me that I was not the "typical" heart attack candidate but yet there I was returning to the hospital a month later for outpatient surgery in order to "fix" the problem.  It was essentially on that day I fully understood that private pain cannot be fixed by external measures only and I then became intentional about tapping into my personal power.

I realized a few things: (1) Emotional pain when not addressed can cause injury to your physical body, (2) Your spirit is worth nurturing because that is your essence and your gateway to God, and (3) Inner healing needs to go viral. You'd be surprised how many people actually show up in their life, gifts, and relationships from an unhealed version of themselves.

So I became a Certified Coach focused on your inner transformation so you can sync whole from the inside out through your writing, speaking, and healing.  I also provide you with tools to stay connected spiritually, for your mental and emotional wellness.



Are you finding it difficult to master your emotions?

Do you desire to thrive emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

Are you tired of pretending that all is well on the outside but silently screaming on the inside?

Would you like to transform your brokenness and journey to wholeness?

​I know what feeling, living, and being broken is like.  It's operating in a space that is unfulfilled, void, and depleting.  As an Emotional Wellness Coach, catering to your inner transformation is my number one priority.  Broken people produce, if not addressed and aligned, brokenness in all areas, including business and relationships.

And I've discovered that wholeness is the antidote for brokenness.

I'm on a mission to let inner healing go viral!  I'd love to begin this journey with you.
Let's get you whole soon! 


"Michelle's presence is so powerful, her mind is so sharp, and her teaching abilities are so in tune with her students. She left me impressed with her skills.  I am seeing results as I stand and deliver from my authentic, transparent place."

- Coach Debbie Chandler, Founder of "I Shall Live" Movement



​Are you an aspiring Author?

Book Coaching is mentorship during the writing process.

Writing your story or sharing your expertise is therapeutic, will establish you as an expert in your field, and will introduce you to an untapped audience.

As your Book Coach, I work with you from concept to completion of your book project.

We identify and achieve your goals with guidance on the clarity and creativity needed to bring your book to life. 

From organizing your thoughts, helping with writer's block, developing a structure, brainstorming sessions, proofreading, or providing basic editing of your manuscript,

I help you smoothly navigate it all. 

If you're ready to begin taking the steps of becoming a self-published author,

receive ideas for marketing, and how to establish a strong and relevant online presence, book your consultation today.

GENRES: Self-Help, Faith, Memoirs and Children's Books *see our partial client library below

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"Michelle Collins is a coach who inhibits passion, persistence, and professionalism.  She listened to my vision and needs for my project and was able to help me establish goals while guiding me “hands-on” from start to finish. She maximized my fullest potential and pushed me out of my comfort zone to ensure that my brand and content were top notch and presented with excellence. Her knowledge and resources coupled with her passion to see others succeed, make her a phenomenal Coach and Mentor."

-  Charle' Johnson, Author of "Storm Watch"



stand and deliver.jpg

Master the microphone with authority and authenticity. ​

Technically, I began my "speaking career" at four years old (haha), when I asked my dad if I could get up to speak to the crowd at an event we were attending. I don't even slightly remember what I said, but I do know that speaking is the most impactful way to share your message with your awaiting audience. It is why I have been asked to train others on how to speak with authority and authenticity both in my past corporate experience and otherwise. 

Due to life and trauma, I almost lost my voice, so now I want to empower you to use yours.


It all began with "You are such a great speaker! Can you teach me how to speak like you?" After hearing this multiple times, I created a sure-fire process to help you master the microphone with authority and authenticity by developing your story. As your Speaker Coach, I help you build your confidence as a speaker, discover your speaking style, and shatter imposter syndrome.


I have trained in corporate settings, groups, individuals, and also children.

If you have a story to share, need help preparing your next speech, or simply need to develop your presentation skillset book your consultation today.


​"Michelle's coaching was a hit from the first session.  She worked with me to tell my story.  Her tips and guidance allowed me to share my story in a powerful way.  She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone.  I am now ready to empower others."

- Veronica Higgins, MSW




Content. Application. Mastery. Performance.

The HEALED are coming forth with fierceness and without apology!

I have provided a safe space for the healed (Isaiah 53:5)  to gather fueled by the ongoing need for emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

You're invited to C.A.M.P. at no cost and receive:

  • LIVE topical monthly virtual sessions and discussion

  • 1:1 Individual speed coaching 

  • Perks and discounts and more!


"Michelle is truly a woman of God with integrity. Her stage presence uplifts and empowers whomever is in the room. She encourages self-love, self-discipline, and self-worth. She is a gift from God that shines bright like a diamond! We are so grateful for her wisdom, love, and service to our community."

- Natalyn Randle, Black Business Women Rock, Founder