Master Your Emotions. Master the Microphone. 


"Michelle's coaching was a hit from the first session.  She worked with me to tell my story.  Her tips and guidance allowed me to share my story in a powerful way.  She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone.  I am now ready to empower others."

Veronica Higgins, MSW

"Michelle's presence is so powerful, her mind is so sharp and her teaching abilities are so in tune with her students, she left me impressed with her skills.  I am seeing results as I stand and deliver from my authentic, transparent place."

- Coach Debbie Chandler

Get to The SpeakHER Institute on October 19, 2019!

The SpeakHER Institute is established for women to elevate their personal and professional style and to execute with authority and excellence on stage.

You will benefit from a 1 Day focused and tailored Intensive with relevant Resources for producing tangible Results, that will leave your audience wanting more!

The environment is enhanced with personal coaching, extensive curriculum and hands-on application in a lively and interactive space.  Each segment is designed to build lifelong personal styling skills in order to develop an authentic presence and provide deliberate delivery with platform skills for an audience of two or two thousand. Boost your style and master the art of strategic self presentation.

Includes: Professional Headshot Booth (for an additional charge) Training Materials, Personal Coaching, Exclusive Offers, Lunch, Vendors

emotional mastery COACHING

"It's my assignment to help you identify your inner pain and  to then ensure you don't live in it indefinitely."

My name is Michelle Collins and like you I wear many hats, fulfilling my role and responsibilities as wife of 20 years, mother to three gems, entrepreneur, minister, speaker, mentor, and that's just one day out of the week ;-)

As women, we wear our hats well. We know how to show up and show out, sometimes to a fault.  I did that for many years and probably would've continued except for one thing.  In the midst of living on purpose, I actually found my purpose when I experienced a heart attack in 2016.

My doctor told me that I was not the "typical" heart attack candidate but yet there I was returning to the hospital a month later for outpatient surgery to "fix" the problem.  It was that day that essentially, I turned my pain into power.

I realized a few things like, emotional pain when not addressed can cause injury to your physical body, your spirit is worth nurturing because that is your essence, your gateway to God and His connection to you and finally, inner hearling needs to go viral.

So I became a Certified Coach focused on your inner transformation so you can sync whole from the inside out.  I also provide you with tools to stay connected spiritually, for your mental and emotional wellness.  


Are you finding it difficult to master your emotions?

Do you desire to thrive emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

Are you tired of pretending that all is well on the outside but silently screaming on the inside?

Would you like to transform your brokenness and journey to wholeness?

I know what feeling, living and being broken is like.  It's operating in a space that is unfulfilled, void and depleting.  As an Emotional Wellness Coach, catering to your inner transformation is my number one priority.  Broken people produce, if not addressed and aligned, brokenness in all areas, including business and relationships. And I've discovered that wholeness is the antedote for brokenness.

I'm on a mission to let inner healing go viral!  I'd love to begin this journey with you.


Let's get you whole soon! 

                    1:1 Coaching

If you want to manage your emotions in a healthy way....

Learn what it means to sync whole from the inside out...

Finally address those areas in your life as it relates to your emotional, mental and spiritual wellness...

Apply spiritual principles in your daily life, as well as in business...

You should, Coach with Michelle 

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